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  • Irish Hereford Steaks

    1909 only uses award winning Prime Irish Hereford Beef, Which is hung for a minimum of 28 days Our beef is trimmed and cut in house to ensure a superior quality steak Please ask your server to view the Chefs Meat Board
    • Prime Fillet Steak 9oz

      House cut from the tenderloin, a very tender steak, low in fat mild in flavor.
    • New York Striploin 14oz

      A little firmer then the fillet light even marbling giving this cut a stronger flavor.
    • Prime T-Bone 20oz

      A two for one cut comprising of strip loin and tender fillet char grilled on the bone for increased flavor.
    • Prime Rib Eye on the Bone 20oz

      Highly marbled with a large centre of fat giving this cut a juicy texture and succulent rich flavor.
    • Prime Rump cut from Hereford Sirloin 9oz

      Marinated in wine, this cut has a firm texture with a very rich beef flavor.
    • Veal Striploin Irish Rose Veal 9oz

      Veal Striploin Irish Rose Veal 9oz €
    • Chefs Beef Tasting Plate

      Prime fillet medallion, striploin cut, marinated rump medallion and rose veal served with house butter and choice of sauce.
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